Hoş Geldiniz.

Rahat, konforlu ve güvenli bir aile pansiyonu. Barhal pansiyon pek çok ziyaretçi ağırlamıştır. Yaz aylarında misafirlerimizi bahçemizde ağırlamaktayız. Yaptığınız gezinin yorgunluğu Kaçkar Dağlarından doğan çayın hemen kıyısındaki pansiyonumuzda bir kahve içimiyle uçup gidecektir. Barhal Pansiyon’ da konakladıktan sonra umarız ki sizde memnun Müşterilerimiz arasına katılırsınız. Barhal Pansiyon olarak Karadeniz’in yeni gezginlerini ağırlamaktan mutluluk duyacağız.



  • Barhal Pension: On the right as you enter the village. 15 new wooden bungalows, all en-suite, and with a variety of bed options; and 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms in a simple old house, shared bathrooms. Also a delightful dining room, a sitting area (upstairs), internet and a garden with dining tables. Evening meals and/or self-catering facilities. Young patron Mustafa and his wife Yasemin speaks some English and can arrange mules or transfers to Karagöl/Amanesket/Kilyon etc.

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  • The first place you'll pass on the road through the village, Barhal Pansiyon has 15 modern rooms, including wooden bungalows and, in the main building, simpler budget accommodation with shared facilities.

    It's good for hikers, with a Kaçkars map for sale, local expertise on hand and a pleasant dining room and garden for planning. No views to speak of, but dinners feature multiple dishes.Our independent authors have visited Barhal Pansiyon and selected this as one of our recommended hotels in Barhal (Altıparmak).

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  • Barhal Pension is located in Alitiparmak Village in Artvin, at the foot of Kackar Mountains. The hotel provides a high quality service in the Barhal region of Yusufeli surrounded by all shades of green. The staff creates a clean and comfortable ambience to make your holiday unforgettable. The hotel is surrounded by Kackar’s and an untouched cover of green. At your arrival to the region, you will sense the peace, slience, happiness and freedom all around you. As standard service, breakfast and 24 hour hot water is provided.

    Also you will be provided with the equipment to cook your own meals.Cultural and sports activities are carried out by organisations in the regions. Barhal, located in Eastern Black Sea region of Turkey, hosts many historical values left from the civilizations that lived here for thousands of years.The most famous of these is the Barhal Monastery.

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